Friday, May 28, 2010

Chick Tats

So recently, at every party I go to, some painfully mainstream girl comes up to me having noticed my tats, gleefully shows me her butterfly/flower/something ghey, and instigates some kina conversation where she will say the following, in no particular order:

1. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would
2. I want to get another, they're like, sooooo addictive
3. I think it's really important that it's something that like, "means something", ya know?

And then, she explains in painfully forced detail that hers is about either:

1. Her ability to overcome all challenges
2. Family/Friendship
3. Believing in yourself/not giving up
4. Her dead dog/sibling/parent/friend

going on in excrutiating detail about said meaning, and explaining the pure bullshit behind such a generic ghey image. Then she asks me about what mine "mean" with wide expectant eyes, at which point I normally chuckle, shrug, and say, "uhh, well I got that one in Finland once this time when I was drunk at this party from some other drunk guy with a needle and some ink, that one was just something my brother drew, thats a band I like, thats a charactor from a video game I thought was cool.......etc)

Now she looks taken aback, and will say something along the lines of "but what if you don't like "video games/those bands/the Finnish when you're older". And I'm like, "whevs, I probably will. In the unlikely event I change massively I'll have a reminder of how awesome I used to be". Then she'll try and agree with me, and say it's cos I'm "care free" or some bullshit, cos she dosen't want to look square.

TBH I prefer the people that come straight for the jugular with "lol, u'll regret ur piercings and tats! Enjoy not getting a job lolololol!!!" than the slimey, "look, I'm just like you, let me lecture you on meaning".

Look, I don't mind you having meaning, just don't think I care, and don't fucking try and force a meaning if you want ink but are scared of saying "I just wanted it" or "thought it looked cool" when people ask. That would at least make you look like less of a pretantious prude when you do.

Firstly, you're limiting what you're gonna get if you're so obsessed with meaning. It's kina hard to find a logical personal rational further than "looks sick" behind something as awesome as this:

But it's a great piece of artwork nevertheless, and has kind of transcended some shakey definition of "meaning". By limiting yourself to something with "meaning" you end up just getting something really vague, and normally very similar to every other annoying student chick with her first tat.

Secondly, your life just isn't that meaningful, at least not to the degree that would justify perminatly marking yourself. Don't try and pretend it is, and don't use this as a reason to justify getting something, especially when the real reason is you just wanted to try it. Don't be ashamed, just do it, and don't feel the need to coat it in bullshit in case someone calls you out on it later.

This isn't meant as some kind of "more alt than thou" snobbery, it's more just an annoyance at a habbit. Pretty sure more student girls do than don't have ink now, or at least a very significant proportion. Just wish they weren't all the same, or that they actually went past the one-generic-object phase.

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grobi wunder said...

"In the unlikely event I change massively I'll have a reminder of how awesome I used to be" - That's just what I'm thinking. Actually, I think I WILL change a bit, so that's my way to keep it in check.