Monday, February 22, 2010

I Join Stuff You Will Hate! First post up nao!

It's no small fact that I propper dig SYWH, and am super syked to have been asked to write for them. As a scene kid on the older end of the young spectrum, and a person with reasonable intellegence, I feel that the blog speaks directly to me, and thus can't think of any better continuation of my blogging prowess.

But yeah, peep my debut post up right now, which was originally gonna be on here, but now I guess found a better outlet, about Hurry! Let's Go and my belated scene valentines playlist. I'll still keep Hyperviolence going, just syphon all my scene content into SYWH i guess.

Anyway, super stoked! Crunk tiems!


IndieFaceKillah said...

like they say round my hood 'GET IN!' congrats man, you're going up in the world!

Eyelicker said...

like they say in my hood, "Back of the net!" complete with faux ball kicking action

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard, bro!

yeahyouknowit said...

Happy to have ya <3