Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Bro moments are the fucking best. Getting stoned and/or drunk (coke is for naff hipsters anyways, all you need is alcohol, weed, and maybe E), playing video games, talking about chicks & music...A good bro time is better than like, 40-60% of all the fucks ever.

Had a few decent bro moments recently, maybe being in a relationship make you appriciate that shit more, whevs. Had my birthday/easter bbq last fri, got waaay stoned and passed out in a bed w/ a bro after listening to Forever the Sickest Kids all night. Decided to make a band.

Saying "lets make a band" is some advanced brodom, even if you never actually do it, or even ever fully intended to. Like saying, I would be happy having you accompany me in a music journey + attracting tons of scene poon together.

Violence is bro

Here is me getting punched by Nev, he has a killer punch, he could probably deck most people.

Punching each other and other forms of jackass type fooling around are a sign of advanced bro-status.

As is getting locked in a small toilet together looking after a severly over-crunk bro

Getting naked in band practices and play raping each other is pretty bro.

Not sure how this happened.....

I went to an all boys school, and remember the "play-bummings" well. It was always the most hetero guys who got with the most chicks who did it too, all the dudes who actually turned out to be gay never joined in. One of my friends was once getting bulled so shouted out "Stop it, you're giving me an erection!". Actually, guess thats why the gay dudes never play raped anyone.....

Back in Lancaster for Easter, tryna study moar + finish the last bits of the deathcore/metal EP I'm making w/ Nev when not getting punched. Probably spending too much time playing video games, considering my next rig upgrade, or laughing at dogs. Whevs.

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