Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Past Week In Images

It was my birthday, times were good, SYWH honored the occation, I ate pizza, watched die hard, drank mango vodka, and things were generally good :)

Also went to Alton Towers, a popular UK theme park, with my brother and his girlfriend for the occation too over the weekend. This was ok, the rides were cool and all things considered it wasn't that expensive, but since I last went it seems to have been overcome by poor people and chavs. Seems like the middle classes may have "moved out". Also pretty sure i ran into "Die Antwoort" in the line for Hex, it was very dark though, so couldn't get a photo.

Chick with a fucking mullet!

Bus back was kina a nightmare too, and seemed to have been overrun by the cast of skins, give or take a few years.

Kids these days are fucking annoying. Had to violently push one little fucker in a que to stop him jostling my bros gf.

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