Sunday, July 05, 2009

Get Crunk: An evening with brokeNCYDE

A few weeks ago, I posted about a night I went to see and interview brokeNCYDE for Headbang. As promised, here is said interview. I'm well aware that as far as interviews go, it's pretty poor, but hell, considering Mikl was simultaniously doing this and checking myspace, it ain't too bad.

Headbang: Firstly, an introduction, tell us about how the band came to be and about where you’re from.

Mikl: I’m Mikl, this is Sev, erm, we started the band back in 2004, our girlfriends broke up with us around this time so our music was partly inspired by that.

Headbang: What’s the Scene like in new Mexico

Mikl: Mostly Metal, so us doing what we do was really different so we just wanted to step out and reach out to a lot of different people

Headbang: Did that cause any conflict with the Metal scene in the beginning?

Se7en: Well, there was the metal scene and like our scene. We like invented our own scene.

Headbang: So in the beginning before you established your scene, was it ever hard to get gigs and stuff because you didn’t fit in with anything?

Se7en: We started opening up for metal bands, and like, our music’s so gay compared to metal, but we still won some fans from it.

Headbang: So you kind of started your own scene from the local metal scene?

Se7en: Yeah, kina

Headbang: So, first time in England, how’s the reaction been and everything?

Mikl: Really good, a lot of kids come out and we’re really happy

Headbang: Surpirised?

Mikl: Yeah, its really surprising, we’re thankful for all of the fans that come out.

Headbang: Where are you going after this?

Mikl: home tomorrow, then it’s the warped tour, then we come back hear for a show in Holland and a show in London, then we have time off finally. The after that we have a five week tour in Europe. We’re always touring!

Headbang: Tell us about the new album you’re about to release

Mikl: Yeah, its on myspace now, I don’t know why, but it drops the 15th here and the 16th in the States.

Headbang: And how are reactions?

Mikl: A lot of people are happy, there’s people who don’t like how we re-did some of the songs, but they don’t understand that we had to because when we first did them it was in a closet. When you’re in a studio it’s really hard to replicate what you know, we tried to do what we could to make it sound as close as possible, but it had to sound like an even record, and true fans understand that.

Headbang: If you could put together a tour with anyone else, who would you chose?

Mikl: I think a crazy tour would be us, 3OH!3, Hollywood Undead and Breath Carolina

Headbang: How do you feel having polarized opinions so much, in that people either hate or love you?

Mikl: It was what it is, people either hate us or love us, If you don’t like us it’s not that hard to go to someone else.

Headbang: Where did the idea of the song “Bree Bree!” come from?

Se7en: Grindcore bro! Grindcore, Metal, Hardcore, that’s all there was back in New Mexico, we wanted to make fun of the local band’s vocals so we just got some club beats with their vocals and made this random song.

Headbang: Which Grindcore bands are you into?

Se7en: Job for a Cowboy, Dr Acula, I like a lot.

Headbang: A lot of people say it was “Waking the Cadaver” inspired.

Se7en: People thought it was a song against cops, or a song for vegetarianism, there’s so many rumours about the song, and no one knows the true origin of it, its just a fun song making fun of grindcore! We didn’t expect it to be the song that everyone knew us for.

Headbang: Are there any plans to do more pig squeals in the future?

Mikl: No, some of the songs have a little bit of grind, but nothing intense

Se7en: Haha Its kina hard to do good squeals anyway, we were really trying and I didn’t know how to squeal at all so I just kind of did whatever.

Headbang: Out of all the shows you’ve played what have been the worst and the best?

Mikl: I don’t see any shows as bad, I see them as learning experiences

Se7en: As long as they’re kids there and they’re happy, it can be 5 kids or 5000.

Mikl: There have been show with not many being there, but we still play our hearts out onstage.

Headbang: What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

Mikl: Who knows, I’d probably be working somewhere trying to make a living, looking for my nitch in life. Sevens always been doing music so he’d still probably be doing music.

Headbang: Before brokeNCYDE were you in any other bands or anything?

Mikl: No, I have never been in a band, ever.

Se7en: I was like this solo, underground hip-hop artist. It was way different from brokeNCYDE, it was very lyrical. About the government, politics, really complex stuff. (laughing) it was way deeper than brokeNCYDE.

Headbang: Hows do you guys unwind on tour?

Mikl: We really don’t, we’re always touring so when we do get time off it’s like maybe a week

Se7en: And during that time we’re always doing interviews or writing lyrics or doing something involving the band. Its been going on like this for over 2 years now.

Headbang: What are your favorite alcoholic drinks?

Mikl: I don’t drink, but these guys drink everything. From hard liquor to Corona. Everything, alcohols alcohol.

Headbang: How long can you see the band going on in its current state?

Mikl: I don’t know, we just take it a day at a time. We don’t wana look forward. That’s probably the right thing to do, but we don’t wana be disappointed y’know? We just want to continue doing this, making people happy, that’s all we care about. Our fans.

So, we got all the "its all about the fans" cliches in there! And not even a hint of irony, exept from good ol' se7en. Pretty funny how seriously Mikl's taking this whole thing, when they're the most ridiculous thing out there. Also, who'd have thought one of the men behind 40oz dosn't drink. Well, fuck it, they crunk my world anyway so good times. Went cruising today in my friends new saxo blasting their album was sweet. Now im gonna go and watch some short film by my hipster friends with live hipster music, if anything funny happens, or just any unintentionally hilarious hipster activity i'll post a report. I expect there to be lots of jumpers and thick rimmed glasses. Me and my brother are of course going in brightly colored street wear and shutter shades. My brother's already been pissing off the guy by posting on the facebook wall for the event "does the main charactor die in the end?", which happens, predictably, to be true. Spoiler warning. But to be fair, the main charactor dies at the end of all these arty films, so it wasn't much of one. Saw one of the bands a few days ago, because it was dark all i could really see was the apple logo on the Mandatory mac these people always seem to use. Kina depressing. I guess i should support my friends artistic endevours, even if i do just end up embarressing them in front of their hipster friends, which seems likely to happen.

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