Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Important musical developments of the new millenia: Attack Attack

Its great that nowadays, people seem to be combining more or less anything, bringing everyone closer together and making us all more open minded. I mean, thanks to brokeNCYDE and Dot Dot Curve hamfistedly jamming some screams over club/techno beats, i can now appreciate pop music much more, thus becoming a much more pleasant, tolerant member of society. In fact, who knows where we would be without the revolutionary spirits of the aforementioned. "Spanky" from Dot Dot Curve perfectly displays this artistic attitude on the groups myspace:

"About Spanky..... he is a BAMF who just dont give a flying fuck what you think! why is he all inked up in funny shit? cuz he dont give a fuck. why does he have fucked up hair? cuz he just dont give a fuck. he does what he wants. if he likes it he does it and dont give a fuck if anyone else does. he doesnt care or want your approval. only thing spanky cares about is music."

Quite Mr Spanky.....BAMF indeed. Although this may sound like some sickeningly self indulgent pre-pubescent goth whining, it is actually a portrait of the mind of an artistic genius. I'm assuming BAMF means "Bad Ass Mother Fucker", but I'm not sure.

So anyway, even if Spanky does come off as kind of a douche, you gotta kina admire putting together completely different things in music. Although butthurt metal fans are whining about trueness, myspace hair and aload of other shit, they are just the angry confused voice of a bygon age, like my grandma getting angry at the fasion taste of Dante from the game "Devil May Cry".

So anyhow, the point of this post, is to say, that without this new experimental attitude to music, we would never have got the awesome "Stick Stickly", by Attack Attack. Now, unless you've already seen it, skip to 2:30 and let it play.........then get your mind blown!

And check out the fucking running dance at 2:53! I'm doing that next club I go to!

N.B I am aware that "experimental" music and combining genres or approaching them with a blaze attitude is not a new thing, in fact because my brother worships Mike Patton I am exposed to a lot of this kina thing, I just find my examples extra noteworthy cos its the kind of thing that pisses off so many people, and i really, really like it.

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