Sunday, June 28, 2009

Allison Harvard, my heart burns for thee

I discovered about this chick browsing the /tv/ board at 4chan, but damn, i think i'm in love bro! I could get one of my many nosebleeds and she'd lie underneath it, then dance covered in my blood. Then we'd watch some really violent film and snuggle, before falling asleep in a mess of caked blood.......this fantasy is over!

Me being English and someone who never watches tv means i'm most likely way behind on this, but after a quick look on youtube, i was severly hooked. The eyes man! I love fucked up girls like this, when I was 15 a had a girlfriend who would carry around pictures of death scenes and shit, and we'd talk about ways to kill ourselfs...looking back it was probably the most tight relationship I ever had, I wonder what she's up to now?

Tomboy fuck yeah!

Like most girls with weirdness like this, chances are that either now or soon she will "mature" into something boring and vapid that doesn't wear Nirvana t shirts and ripped jeans, something made more likely by hanging around with models. Teenage angst can be pretty ace sometimes, i dunno why everyone has to hate on it so much. Someday she'll probably look back on the blood thing and scoff and act embarrassed, and blame it on said angst. But anyway, heres to hoping she stays weird. YUSSSSS!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm stealing your "unrequited love" tag

Eyelicker said...

I guess I should let you have it, I owe you my "wigger" slam tag, although changed it from "Wigga", to appropriate it for a British audience, and avoid any potential lawsuits. And that absolutely fucking golden Manowar tribute video.