Monday, June 01, 2009

Failing my first year

So, I'm starting some shit blog to stir into the already extremely convoluted with self obsessed rantings tubes of the internet, because i'm meant to be studying for a Thermodynamics exam on Thursday for my first year Chemical Engineering finals, and this seems like as good a displacement activity as any. Writing for some little metal webzine gave me a taste for this kind of thing, exept now i can just write about whatever the fuck i want, and not worry about going off topic, being too opinionated, or offending people (I had to tone down a review I did of the latest Deathstars album, because it garnered a few complaints and was insulting the goth demograph, one of headbang's staples). So yeah, this thing has absolutely no purpose, and is about nothing imparticular, although it will probably center around metal, annoying students, horror films, random youtube shit, and whatever i find cool.

I don't even know if i'll even be bothered to continue this fucker for that long, but whatever...I talk to myself anyway, so why not do the online equivalent and start an anomamous blog.

Anyway, to wrap up this monumental first post, here is a completely unrelated video combining 3 of my favorite things, Scene chicks, Screamo Crunk and Germany. Simultaneously painful to watch and arousing, we will forever be asking ourselfs: why would someone do this...then put it online for the world to see? Sweet hat though...

Yeah, i know the girl's ugly, but its the kind of ugly where you still for some reason want to rail the shit out of her. I have no idea what the hell she says in German at the end, despite the fact that I'm meant to be learning it, but that's the bit where I really want to violate her the most. Odd considering this is where her voice plummets an octave. She's most likely a complete bicycle anyway, so I can safely say I think I'd have a fighting chance. Maybe later I'll post a translation...

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