Friday, June 19, 2009

BC13, end of term, and an awesome night

Well, its been a while since the last post since exams have finished and I've been very busy not giving a fuck about anything, writing sweet tech death metal tunes on Cubase, and playing Red Alert 3 online endlessly with my brother. However, last Saturday, just a few days after my last exam, I did do something very noteworthy. I went and both saw and interviewed the marmite-esque brokeNCYDE.

I got there around quarter to five, when already there were a few young myspace scene chicks hanging out side, and a few androgynous douches with Suicide Silence or Carnifex t-shirts. Trying to initiate any conversation with anyone was completely fruitless, and let to blank stares and instant suspicion. I had even made an effort to fit in, wearing a brash white hoodie with neon bones, and a Boy Will Drown t shirt, so perhaps it was my silly little tuft of chin hair that gave me away as being most likely 5 years senior of the average age. This was all very dispiriting, as listening to brokeNCYDE makes you think their fanbase must be carefree, fun loving and down to party, instead of prissy, middle class, and closed up. There should have been crates of carlsberg and pre-drinking in that alley, not standing in a line with myspace hair, not talking to anyone damn! Or maybe I am just getting (relatively) old. I definatly feel very unlucky that i missed getting to hang out with chicks like that by about only a couple of years or so. In fact next time the BC13 come around i'm gonna gather a group of friends and do said drinking outside, and show the fuckers to practice what brokeNCYDE preach, instead of just dressing like they do.

Anyway, i met up with the tour manager Adam, who was a sound guy, and went in for the interview. Entering the backstage the band were all in separate corners of the room, individually on laptops, on myspace or something. And Phat J (the one with the headband in the picture, does synths or something) was no where to be seen the whole night :(. I was met with dis-intersted grunts when introduced by Adam, and sat down with Mikl, one of the MCs (green t shirt in the pic). This was a big mistake, as the dude was extremely monotonous, pre-ocupied with his laptop, and pretty disinterested. Se7en however, the other MC (front wearing pink in the pic), was really cool, and stood by answering questions with much more good humour and spontinuity, so I should have probably sat with that guy instead. The problem with Mikl, was that he seemed a bit too serious about everything, which is kind of rediculous when your band is brokeNCYDE. Se7en seemed pretty aware that the whole thing was just a fun mess around though, and even said brokeNCYDE wasn't as deep as his prevoius stint as a solo hip hop artist. Meanwhile, Antz, the other guy at the back who dosn't seem to really do anything, and is much fatter in person, just kina hung around and wandered in and our intermitantly. Still, Mikl was probbaly just tired or something, and to be honest, no one really wants to see a random dude from a relatively unknown webzine when you're in a state.

Anyway, the gig was cool (short but still good), met up with somefriends, and participated in a "crunk pit". Was kina hoping the band dressed more outragously, with shutter shades and revolting hoodies and whatnot, but hey, whatevs right? Also one of the support bands had this indian guitarists who at one point asked "is anyone in here brown like me?" leading to an expected silence amoung the skinny caucasian scene kids. This guy then became my hero for the night, and the quote is now immortalised between me and Mace, my unwilling friend i dragged along. We were also like the only people there drinking (age?), and drink we did.

So yeah, after that we went to a few bars, met up with another one of our friends with a gay irish dude he was hosting from couchsurfing, and a couple of chubby chicks, went to 5th ave (Manchester's premiere indie club), drunk more, got fucked up on E, danced like woaaahhhh, met aload more people there, got more fucked up, went to a friends flat to drink more, then walked home with Mace at about 8 in the morning. All in all, one of the best nights i've had in ages, and an awesome last night in Manchester before comming home to Lancaster for summer. Plus another awesome quote from some guy outside Owens Park in Fallowfield while talking to crazy bus lady, "I must go now, I will be away over summer but I will be back next year". The delivery was epic, and he made it sound like Obi One Knobi or some shit, and me and my friends found it fucking hilarious. Also, Google her, and understand shes kind of a legendary figure on Oxford road, kind of like a semi rare Pokemon.

Anyway, I'll get that interview up as soon as I can be bothered to transcribe the fucker.

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Splendid post my friend!