Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thy Art Is Murder, and Mysogyny in death metal/deathcore

It's not often i like to plug bands I dig. For one, that's what pretty much everyone on the internet/world seems to be doing, whereas I prefer to do what the remainder of people do, which is sit back and make snarky discouraging comments and attempt to spot the latest emerging trends. I also rarely mention metal on this blog that much either, instead seeming to cover screamo crunk through the irony lens, much like a 17 year old dabbling in homosexuality. So yeah, I admit that simply plugging music you like is boring, nerdy, and stupid.

I haven't actually ever clicked play on this video, I just saw the thumbnail and already was thinking "shut the fuck up you chubby little fuck"!

However, I fucking love Thy Art Is Murder so much I wana bum them all. They play some mad sick technical deathcore, with the sickest breakdowns, some mad shredding, hella tight blastbeats, double bass drums out their anus, FUCKING SLAM RIFFS, pig squeals, pro high and low vocals, and pretty much everything I like about metal and makes me squirm with glee. If I could be in any band right now it would be them (actually, fuck that, it would be Blink 182 so I could actually make some money).

I even ordered their EP, which never arrived, fucking Aussies.

Also found this vid of their best song, "Infinite Death", with the lyrics, holy fuck!

I fuck your daughters
Hack them up
Kill them one by one
The taste of pure slut is all that keeps me here
Lock up your doors
Lock up the sluts
Lock up their cunts

Everything I want I fucking own
My life revolves around fucking possession
Everything that I own I just posses to dismember
They love to watch themselves hacked apart

All their limbs will be removed

Enter the mind of a psychopath
Where girls remain possessions

Do you love what I have done?
Raping just for the fun

Have I lost my mind?
For becoming who I am
Its all your fucking fault
Dumb bitches fuck they don’t understand
This world does not revolve around them

All your limbs will be removed with tedious precision
What’s left is fucking useless but still breathing

Each breath feeds them as they chew flesh

My conscience escapes me when I feel the warm insides of sluts

All your limbs will be removed

I live two separate lives
I’m hiding in disguise
Seek and you’ll fucking find
I live two separate lives
Hidden from their fucking eyes

I hunt in secret
I hunt in silence

I stalk my prey in secret
Watch them waste away

Yeah, I know it's pretty tame for most, Devourment would fucking school these guys on hating chicks, but there's something very innocent and childlike about the hatred that I find quite endearing and can relate to. I can even imagine writing them myself in a low moment, although I'd probably come back the next day and go "fuck! what was I thinking?!" like i normally do. The:

"Have I lost my mind?
For becoming who I am
Its all your fucking fault
Dumb bitches fuck they don’t understand
This world does not revolve around them"

sounds particularly adolescent heartbreak, I can almost Imagine one of them sobbing it into his pillow, while angrily scrawling it onto an A4 notepad. The fact that this probably happened in an Australian accent also makes me lol.

Hating on chicks is pretty entry level, although it's easy to see why it goes hand in hand with metal. There's no need to elaborate on that at all it's so fucking obvious. It's pretty much the metal way to be emo. And while it's easy to mock something like this when all's cool, most of us will often want to turn to this stuff when we get fucked over by some chick.

From about 14-18, like most dudes, i was severely and repeatedly played, probably worst than most, the worst case i can recall right now when a girl i'd already got with invited me to come stay with her in Finland, before ditching me more or less as soon as I was off the plane to go hangout with some other friends, more or less abandoning me there. Luckily I had other friends in the city, so managed to scrape together an ok holiday out of it, but fuck! It's easy to see why I gravitated towards death metal. I remember repeatedly watching this Carnifex video when I got home.

So yeah, as I get older and the balance of social power has shifted, I find myself playing chicks more than vice versa, and have in general grown the fuck up, i guess the whole thing has shifted more into perspective. There's nothing wrong with this kina stuff, It's just extreme heartbreak music, or alternatively good old violence for violence sake, with pornography thrown in for good measure. Apart from on the train today when I was listening to Thy Art Is Murder's "Whore to a Chainsaw" and staring some poor girl down feeling like the most evil twisted mother fucker around. That was just me being hella creepy.


Anonymous said...

Actually there is a lot wrong with misogyny in metal. Aside from being really embarrassing and immature, it's fucking creepy and real uncool. It's fine when it's a joke (Anal Cunt), but when it's not (this band, Waking The Cadaver), it's not cool at all. I don't think you understand how legitimately scary this kind of thing is to women, and there's nothing at all cool about making someone scared for their safety because of their gender.

Again, if it's a joke that's fine and I love/support it. But any band who is serious about it earns my legitimate, sincere hatred.

(I know I'm a PC bitch about this particular topic but I'm not budging on it)

Eyelicker said...

I totally get where you're from, and it is one of those things that's admittedly totally immature, but I think it's rarely completely serious, as such.

A lot of girls i know are fine with it, cos they've had similar thoughts about dudes too, and manifest that in violent man hating poetry and short stories, which are essentially the same but the other way round. I recently had a girl tell me she had an extended fantasy to beat me to death with blunt objects, which I totally understood, given the circumstances. Violent fantasy's are one of the most normal things ever.

I think the majority of the time it's not really intrinsic sexism (which I do have a huge problem with, don't get me wrong), but just standard metal shock theatrics.

I admit that I did write that post in one ill thought out sitting, and I feel slightly embarrassed/creepy about it now, but then again I do stick by what I said about it not being really a big deal usually.

Just because something's not as obviously a joke as AC, doesn't mean it's totally meant to be taken as a serious political stance. Elysia have said about the lyrics to the song "Filthy" pretty much "yeah, we wrote that when we were like 14, it was a bad time, we're kina embarrassed about it now".

Which is what it is, something silly teenagers do, and then regret later and laugh about.

Eyelicker said...

also, it seems odd that you can advocate Necro's "86 measures of game" then come down on this. When i read "86..." i felt much more offended, it seemed to resemble actual real life sexism and mysogyny way more than some kids shouting "kill sluts lolz!" which is pretty much all it is here.

Anonymous said...

Good point. The difference is that Necro knows EXACTLY what he is doing, and a good portion of what he's doing is being deliberately offensive. Second, he is basically just a scumbag who treats women badly in order to get laid. There's nothing admirable about that by any means, but it's a far cry from advocating murder.

The kids in these bands don't REALLY want to kill women, I know, but that's kind of the point: the fact that they still think it's worthwhile lyrical content is (in my eyes) more disturbing.

Don't have time to go into it more right now but maybe sometime I will.

ThisGirlIsNotForRaping said...

You are a damn misogynist. I want to rip out your adrenal glands.

Lucky for you I am not even in the same country. You make me sick. I'm a 112lb female and I actually have to worry about being raped.

How said...

How is he a misogynist? Just because he enjoys listenening to music that happens to contain lyrics which tell a horrible/disgusting story doesn't mean that he agrees with the narrative that is presented. Compare it to a horror movie; would you agree with the immoral actions of characters in a horror movie just because you enjoy watching it?