Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Irony Update: 11/11/09

Its offial: Today, i begun enjoying the T Mills songs "Rich Girls" and "Girls Gone Wild" non ironically.......the rest still suck though.


yeahyouknowit said...

I'm generally obsessed with any song that references the phrase "rich girls." I'll have to check this one out!

Eyelicker said...

Haha, yeah, I love that cliche

Now whenever a girl buys me anything I have a hard time not bursting into "I just wana let you know, your bank account is beautiful"

yeahyouknowit said...

LOL! Dude you totally should. I bet they'd eat that shit up. All girls like someone who can be a jerk in a good way.

And PS:
I was at the mall with my dad like, 6 years ago, and we were walking past this smoothie place and there's this group of like, 5 total hxc dudes with ONE little wigga.. They're all ordering these pussy drinka (which, alone, was funny as shit to watch) but the kicker was this little shrimpy dude. He walks up to the counter, orders a strawberry banana smoothie with, get this, soy milk, and when the cashier tells him it'll be 6.25, he reaches deep into his Marc Ecko jeans, pulls out a wad of SINGLES, and proudly proclaims "mmmch mmmch bustin' out da bankrollll." Moral of this story, I have weird word associations and you saying bank account reminded me of this little gem Hope you lol'd xx