Friday, August 28, 2009

Me Now: Fuck Yes!

This morning I woke up, beat off, listened to Hollywood Undead, Necro, and Pantera, and now I'm about to put on some scene gear and get crunk! My girl-with-boyfriend fucked off to some festival yesterday night when we were meant to be meeting without telling me, so today i'm going all out, getting crunk, finding some other girl and broing down. I got a friends birthday party tonight too where we're gonna listen to the new Walls of Jericho album, hardcore dance, and probably listen to Attack Attack! and brokeNCYDE too! Then hit the fuckin town! Fuck yeah, tonight is gonna be sick! No bitch can bring me down!

Any of my 4 confirmed readers reading this, go listen to Everywhere I Go by Hollywood Undead, then get out there and get the fuck out of your comfort zone! What are your plans for tonight anyway...let me know bros, so tomorrow I can gloat that I had a better night ;)


Anonymous said...

This morning I woke up, beat off, listened to Hollywood Undead, Necro, and Pantera, and now I'm about to put on some scene gear and get crunk

This is my new favorite blog! We dawgz, son!

Necro "88 Measures of Game" is a perfect pre-gaming song. I wish the lyrics weren't so true, but they couldn't possibly be more accurate.

I think I will listen to Pantera in a minute when I go for a run!

Eyelicker said...

Yeah, I think the gaming Necro advocates requires a bit more subtlety, or maybe that kina shit works in new york? brokeNCYDE & 3OH!3's my normal pre-gaming shizl.

I actually hate the whole concept of "gaming", even though I kind of utilize it myself i guess, maybe I need to be more jaded and cynical before I can hit "wizard level". I do fit you and Skullkrushers profile at least of annoying many, many people, and wearing silly things!

You are probably the only person who will ever tell me I need to be older to fully appreciate Hollywood undead haha XD!

Anonymous said...

"Pre-gaming" in the US means drinking at home before you go out so you're already a little drunk when you get there.

As far as chicks go, the Necro-style approach of just being super, super sleazy totally works, but only on super crazy girls. Less crazy ones will get grossed out, so you have to be careful and not go too far.

Re: Hollywood Undead, a lot of their songs are about being disgusted with yourself for being a fuckup. Hopefully you don't have that feeling at the age of 20 or however old you are! Personally I wouldn't have really responded to them at 20 as much as I do now at (yipes) 31.

When I listen to HU songs like "Black Dahlia" and "The Diary" I'm like "ughhhhh I hate myself, I'm such a fucking mess," but then a party song like "No 5" comes on and I'm like "Oh well, fuck it, let's get fucking wasted and drink the fucking pain away!!"