Friday, January 15, 2010

Let it Snow: lolengland, and The Acacia Stain providing epic moments

I was recently hanging out with some bros, sitting on a sofa curled up so my stomach was all folded like a pillow, and my tight All Shall Perish T Shirt had ridden up to a degree where a slight amount of flesh was visable, when one of my friends peeped me and said, "hey, have you put on a little weight over the last year? Sure you used to be skinnier". At that very moment, a terrible, life altering, quite frankly momentous realization hit me. The past year of student diet, general complacency, and exam pre-occupation had made one of my greatest fears become reality; and at that moment, I became a male scene balloon............

With this incredible realization, I knew I had to start running again on the regular, and eating less, to regain the definition I once had, or consign myself to an eventual fate as a Tank.

If you're English, you will have noticed that recently it's been snowy as shit, causing our ill-prepared infrastructure to have all kinds of problems, and society in general to begin to decay like that Jericho show or something, as well as the news having been transformed into a collection of aerial shots of snow, interspersed with the odd old person complaining about slipping over or something.

So anyway, the other day I took to the canal near my house for a run, which had been transformed into a beautiful frozen winter wonderland, with the new Acacia Strain, Continent, on my mp3 player. Midway through, when I was in the fucking zone, and listing to the awesome "JFC" (Jesus Fucking Christ), I felt baddass as anything, powering throught the snow growling "I AM THE END OF THE WORLD!!!" like it was a montage in the hardcore version of Rocky or something. This feeling of hardcore inspired baddassery only built, untill the awesome instrumental "The Behemoth" at the end of the album made me have to pause, check the path both ways, forwards and back, and then start throwing down, mid run...

Only now, upon reflection, being no longer "in the fucking zone", can i begin to imagine how hilarious I looked. Imagine watching a jogger suddenly stop, make sure there's no one about, and suddenly out of the blue start windmilling and throwing moves.......fuck!

Anyway, all the snow's just begun to melt, leading to puddles and mud and shit all over my winter wonderland, which was a bitch when I walked my dog this morning, cos I'd only just cleaned my high-tops!

Studying like a motherfucker as planned, and listening purely to Emmure and The Acacia Strain for inspiration. Also started a new game on Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, which I forgot how awesome it was. This time I'll be sure to collect all the gems and relics, as I never had the patience/methodical boringness to do so when I was 10 or whatever.

As for yeahyouknowit's inquiry to my baldness and its general incompatibility =/= with scene aesthetic, I find that it depends on how I'm dressing. Sometimes I find I look like some kina "NYHC" type bro, or token wigger in deathcore bands

However, it's when I'm dressing slightly more flamboyant [via hightops, silly bright coloured t shirts et al] that thing get a little bit more interesting. I kina look a bit like this guy I saw in some alt porn the other day:

I guess I'll have to wait until after the exams before I can gauge a decent reaction when I start going out again. [via macking on local Manchester scene chicks]

Has anyone else ever begun hxc dancing in the middle of a completely unrelated activity?
Anyone want to recomend me some good jamz for running/working out in general? (anything goes)


Anonymous said...

Stoked you're posting again!

Anyway, there is always my "heavy metal jock jamz" post:

yeahyouknowit said...

Dude, as much as I love my crunk jamz I will be the first to admit that hxc is by far one of the BEST music genres to run to. Just ask Sergeant D -- he's totally converted me to a Hatebreed runner.. Anyways, I'm glad the hair is working out so far -- I bet once you really get out there the scene girls will be swooning.. We all love bad-asses, and what's better than a bad-ass-looking kid who loves the same music we do?! Match made in autotune heaven <3