Monday, January 25, 2010

Pig Destroyer: Grindcore is Love

I know most of the time most coverage of things on blogs and magazines and sites comes down to slating stuff, and at best, affectionate mockery, but some things are, to me, just beyond fucking with. Case in point, Pig-Fucking-Destroyer.

I love this band with passion way beyond ever fucking with them in the slightest, not that I believe they even have anything that can be fucked with. They are just all round tight as fuck.

While most bands write about silly shit like how little they understand science and how jealous they are of their ex's boyfriend, Pig Destroyer write poetry grade lyrics about life and love and generally get how fucked up you feel down to a tee.

So anyway, peep my essay-like piece for reverse current on pig destroyer and their depiction of love, and while you're there check the awesome new Reverse Current Layout!

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