Wednesday, June 30, 2010

99 Chan

So besides the ubiquitous 4chan, which is ur favorite chan?

Theres something lovely and grimey about all the other tiny ones in a kind of unloved, unwatched alley that you might get raped in kind of way.

Anyway, 99 chan just turned 2! And with that posted this rather amusing post on the front page.

So as of June 14 we are 2 years old. The past year was even crazier than the first. Here are some more numbers.

99chan by the numbers:

DDOS Attacks: 23

DMCA Takedown Notices: 922

Webhosts: 1

Domain Hijacks: 2

Pissed off parents: 42

Users Banned: 29,621

Times gununu has been banned: 1812

Users in jail: 7

Disk Space used: 94.98

GB Wordfilters: 43

Time Regs hasn't been high in the past year: N/A

Internal sabotoge attempts: 3

Suicide Attempts: 5

Staff Members Dead: 1

Actual Court Documents served: 3

awe ye

Love it when internet shit leaks into the real world, as long as it's an isolated, chaotic spontanious one off event, and not just some fags in those fucking masks.

Like when one of my friends found some guy posting asking for someone in Manchester to join him in kidknapping some girl, so somehow my mate tracked down the dude, took photos of him, then posted them along with all his other deats. Think they sent their findings to all his facebook friends or something equally life ruining too. Good times.

Anyways, happy birthday 99chan!

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