Saturday, June 19, 2010

Shoe + Gore = Hella Sickness

How sick are these fucking shoes! How could I not buy that!

Can't believe they would make shoes based on a retro Sega Megadrive (Genesis to you yanks) game, complete with faithful blood specs and a little replica mask.

It's also about to be remade, which I'm totally stoked for. I always found God of War a little too arbitrary, and recent Devil May Cry games have been kina ghey, so this fresh new hack and slash re-imagining should be a welcome addition to my brothers PS3 shelf!


Re-make, complete with token metal soundtrack:

Also, a pretty cool fan film, featuring some tribal tattoo'd guido as Rick:

Maybe if it does well they'll squeeze a film out of it. Considering the recent success of Prince of Persia and a couple of other videogame/comic franchises as movies, as well as the current vibe of horror and darkness for all, I can imagine someone taking note and doing that. Hopefully it's be silly, discusting and OTT, like a 2010 Evil Dead. It will fail if I don't dry heave.

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