Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Job :/

To "fundraise" for my upcoming trip to the US of fuckin' A so I can catch the warped tour with the rest of the SYWH crew, I am working this manual labour job with some contract gardeners. Because it is summer, this means mowing, and mowing and mowing, and doing all in my power, backed with a potent arsenal of hardcore garden tools, to prevent the growth of mother nature. Lucky, mother nature is pretty much shit-out right now, because the northwest is about to officially go into "drought" mode, enforce a housepipe ban, and generally let all the grass burn to death. This is good news however, because burnt grass dosn't need mowing, and I get to spend more time sleeping in a smelly van with two foulmouthed contractors who pretty much exist in order to oggle summer girls, via builder stereotypes. Luckily, they are also pretty averse to work too, so we generally just cut corners in order to spend max time sleeping in the van or any available comfy patch of grass. I think I fit in ok because of my mums "peasant blood" or something.

Still, having to start work at 7:30 is fucking rough, as is spending every night in the knowledge that you have to go to bed at a reasonable time. Life as a normal working person is pretty grim :/, its like, all of a sudden, boom!! there go 5 of my seven precious weekly nights :( fuck that!

Its cool though when there are keut doggys in Gardens im mowing:

Especially when they steal someone else's tuna sandwich:

Imminant builder rage...

I also came to the conclusion today on the drive home listening to Good Charlotte on the radio that "Girls and Boys" was written by an extremely embittered Joel Madden after some rich college kid stole some chick he was after. Fuckin' pop punk fgts.

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