Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mixing two very different parts of your life for amusing effect

So today I was hanging out at the Mall with this girl, and remembered I needed to get some new warhammers.

Being that she was a socially normal, good looking, no real problems girl, she was kina wary of going to the Games Workshop, so I was all "it'll be fun, we can laugh all the nerdy people and stuff and make fun of how fat and skin hopeless everyone is but on a serious note I genuinely do need to get some Eldar for some games this summer". This approach worked, so we hopped over.

Upon arrival, she loudy said it smelt of sweaty guys, and then went up to a table and started bashing some space marines into each other pretending to make them fight, and generally taking the piss. This made the nerd in me rage slightly, but I was having a good day and it was kina funny, so I played along and let her do her thing.

The strange thing happened when I was buying my new models, and she playfully asked the guy working there what the big deal was with....well, everything.... Drawing upon an infinately limited knowledge of the opposite sex and a few stereotypes apparently based on Lindsay Lohan films, he hilariously tried to compare buying warhammer to buying shoes, in possibly one of the biggest ever acts of social seppuku I have ever witnessed. Seriously, any amount of predictable British comedy based on contrived awkward social situations had nothing on this guy.

There are some parts of your life you should just not mix, I've suffered disasters before when mixing students with scene kids, so I should have probably known better than having to put this poor dude through that ordeal. Now I'm ending the day by watching my dog trying to get his head around the concept of bearded Dragons for the umpteenth time.


IndieFaceKillah said...

Shit man, I knew I couldn't be the only one where there was a scene/citadel miniatures crossover. I bet most of the Tr00 Grindkore douches who spend hours perfecting the shading on their 'prostitute being disembowelled and raped by a devil skeleton' t-shirt artwork got their first props doing Space Marine vs Ork chainswords in pencil at the back of their Science exercise books.

Dude what's your position on Breathe Carolina? I have recently been almost unable to listen to anything else, shit is addictive.

Oh, and I listened to FTSK for the first time recently... it's a party.

Eyelicker said...

I fuckin love breathe man! Hello Facination was a constant jam of mine for like a month!

There is a massive metal/citadel cross cos basically, both are things that nerds love!, myself very obviously included!